tell me questions I should add if you have any \(O_O)/

check out this danton + robespierre soft erotica

does anyone have that tutorial on how to make your blog smart-redirect (like, ->, so on)??

coining the word ‘sadisfaction’ for pleasure derived from making your favourite characters and in turn yourself absolutely miserable

things I should be doing: reading
things I want to do: read
thing that I am putting off for no conceivable reason: reading


whats up hot stuff

i asked shoenen for a comic to draw and she said ‘robespierre crying because everything sucks’ so i drew this

I just wanted to say that I love and appreciate how much effort you go through to make not only well rounded characters but to keep true to the history aspect as well ;v;

thank you!! :’+) ahh

It’s something that’s new to me as far as making characters goes so I’ve been sorta figuring out how I feel about it along the way. I think what I’ve realized is that for me at least historical accuracy and artistic licence are both really worthwhile in their own right…

for me for sure a lot of the fun of doing historical fiction comes from working within what’s given to you and seeing how you can approach it and wrap your story around it? (the same applying to OCs which derive from the relevant historical figures) but in the same way depending on the kind of story you’re writing it can be really neat to change something up, say you’re adding some element (which I am but that’s a SPOILER)? and then try to figure out how that changes people’s motivations/actions/how things play out, so on…

so yes!! I AM GLAD YOURE ENJOYING WHAT YOU’RE SEEING… I am definitely having fun with it and doing my best to find that Ideal Balance between history and my artistic vision òwó)7