my roommate just asked me if robespierre was really a penguinologist

it’s so weird when people call me by my url like please ‘gwyndor’ is my father 


this is my birthday present for sam. gay modern frevs. 


talking about ur fav character like 


man train


is this like the human centipede


man train

ot3 questions

  • who would be where in a human centipede

theres a phenomenon at meal hall where if your drink is done and you dont lay down your cup other people can place their cups in it to become your responsibility and today i turned away for ONE SECOND and somebody puts THIS in my cup



any time is a good time to bring back Turning A Sphere Inside Out

(pointing at modern au robespierre) i love my tired demiromantic son

maximiliens replied to your photo “maximiliens submitted: OOOKAY I apologize for my extremely mediocre…”

NOT VERY WELL but yes I do sometimes and THANK YOU, I’m glad you like it and I hope you had/are having a good birthday man!! (and if I’m thinking of the right message then yes I did, I just didn’t have time to reply yet, DOING THAT NOW)

WELL I THINK ITS PRETTY DARN GOOD SO dont be so critical twords yourself eh!!! tap tap tap (and AH ok omg dw too much its. long i understand)

unspeakablevice replied to your photo “you know what i WILL post this horrible porn but its from phone so it…”

Lmao you should post all the things are you kidding ?!

MAYBE i used to be so cavalier about this stuff i dunno what happened omg