emotional state for weeks now has been bored lonely and stressed

I wanna shitpost about tarrare and Percy’s story but I haven’t decided what is and what isnt a spoiler im willing to drop…. I want to talk about ocs but keep everything secret and its a bad combination


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ticket sales people: goat simulator meets surgeon simulator is exactly tessier

HERE ARE THE PERCY ASKS two people specified percy and the other asks i got didnt specify anyone so im going to do them for tarrare!! stay tuned for those.

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At some point in the distant past, it would seem, babies were not all cute. Their particular physical characteristics attracted no special attention. But once the cuteness preference took hold in our genes, babies had no choice but to become cuter over the generations. In effect, they had to wage a kind of cuteness war to get our attention—and to this day we are seemingly helpless against the onslaught.
i’m reading this article about babies and its getting intense
do a “what’s in tarrare’s stomach”

no see i actually did that an hour ago

i always wanted to do one of those bag memes but if im being real my bag is extremely boring (either school stuff or a single sketchbook i keep two bags) until today i was like wait i have a hot oc with a weird quiver. so i drew this. id draw tarrare too but i dont think hes really the type to keep a bag

percys quiver is a surgeons quiver of his own conception !! [x] though i dont really think he has much business putting his journal in there with the instruments. surely he has a proper bag for that? maybe he was in a rush.


I drew this lanky tarrare while dnd-ing