today i infiltrated the other university that shares a hill with my own campus and i am more frightened and baffled than before

what should i draw on this index card


Saint Just is just a saint. And was also named louis. Im learning so much.

Art Trade!!! Saint Just for gwyndor!!

An intelligent boy! A handsome boy! A boy of many talents! And he loves to pose for photos (art trade! cornelius for the aptly named corneliusfucker)

'so how's Mr. Spiers doing' - an engineering student, trying to open a discussion on robespierre at meal hall

drawing anything that isn’t a 3/4 bust shot: low humming for 10 hours

maybe it was babbage

i like this answer because babbage would be a toddler at this time. like, a 2 year old, more or less, beating the shit out of saint just

Who kicked the shit out of st just there

is it a cop-out if I say its up to you because I… honestly didn’t bother deciding, I mean I thought of some possibilities but in the end it’s just a more or less nondescript hand/foot.

sorta could go any way depending on context which I also didn’t bother clearly defining. I mean, he looks like he’s enjoying himself, but is this a very deliberate arrangement. is he a masochist. or is it just a coincidence and hes a cocky piece of shit. or something else??

it’s basically softcore porn I mean. take whatever setup is most titillating 2 you and run with it buster

(in class) “transmission of memes from one generation to the next” “can we consider these motifs memes” “meme pool” (me to archaeology prof) good shit op

i tripped holding my tablet pen and this happened